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Another Step Towards Eco-Tourism

Another Step Towards Eco-Tourism Over the years the way I sight wildlife in the dark has evolved. In the early 2000's I employed flashlights of varying power to observe wildlife in the dark - a low powered light with a wide beam to spot eyes in the bush, followed by a more focused flashlight to then observe the animal once it has been sighted.  For nearly a decade and a half, this process had remained unchanged - the only advancement being the technology of the flashlights changing from filament-bulbs to white-light emitting LEDs. This technique was self-devised to a large extent for lack of knowledge and the use of internet not widespread in those days, and worked pretty well for my purposes.  However it posed 1 problem: it harms wildlife, as it not only disturbs their activities, but also momentarily inhibits their night-time eyesight adaptation. In recent years, with more and more awareness on eco-tourism and conservation efforts, I too have changed my methods for the